New Model Testing: A New Test Process and Tool

Last month, I presented a webinar for the EuroSTAR conference. "New Model Testing: A New Test Process and Tool" can be seen below. To see it, you have to enter some details - this is not under my control, but the EuroSTAR conference folk. You can see the slides below.

Tester as Navigator (a Metaphor) and Shift-Left

Last week in Dublin and Cork, I gave talks on testing the Internet of Things (or everything, depending on who you consult). I want to share a little idea or comment that I made during the Cork session. It seemed to come from nowhere - I certainly hadn't prepped the comment so it might have come from somewhere deep in my subconscious. But if you know the source and it's someone other than me, please let me know and I'll acknowledge them.

Common Sense

I want to use this post to get a few things off my chest. Most people who have an interest in remaining or leaving the EU recycle other people posts that align with their point of view. I am no different and where I thought something merited a repost - I've done it. Mostly on twitter, with a little on Facebook.

Anyway - as voting day looms, here are my closing thoughts on the whole affair.

The pursuit of the all in one professional

A further response to the debate on here I couldn't fit it in a comment so put it here instead.

Hi Alan. Thanks - I'm not sure we are disagreeing, I think we're debating from different perspectives, that's all.

DevOps is killing QA. Really?

I read a fairly, let's say, challenging, article on the website here:

It's a rather poor, but sadly typical, misrepresentation or let's be generous miunderstanding of the "state of the industry". The opening comment gives you the gist.

"If you work in software quality assurance (QA), it’s time to find a new job."

The Value and Significance of Tests

At Eurostar 2010 in Copenhagen, the organisers asked me to do a brief video blog, and I was pleased to oblige. I had presented a track talk on test axioms in the morning and I had mentioned a couple of ideas in the talk. these were the "quantum theory of testing" and "testing relativity". The video goes into a little more detail.

Introducing the Tools Knowledge Base

The Software Tools Market is Changing

  • The Digital revolution means software must be aligned much more precisely with business
  • Customers get almost daily mobile app updates; they want the same for their business applications
  • Continuous delivery, DevOps, Shift-Left and pervasive automation are the means to succeed
  • New processes, disciplines and the tumbling walls between silos mean tools are essential
  • The automation challenge has moved from selection and implementation of 1-3 tools for each discipline to selection and implementation of 20-30 tools for a team in a DevOps regime

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